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The Mascia Management team has worked with some of the largest and most sophisticated real estate asset management companies in the industry, so we know from experience that technology is critical in ensuring you the highest returns from your asset. Not only is technology a way to increase customer satisfaction and your investment’s bottom line, but it is the best way to do this while controlling expenses.

With our Mascia Asset Control (MAC) system we can automate many of the services that normally require hours of oversight. Our commitment to customer service and efficient use of technology creates superior value. We provide a higher level of asset management services than traditional property managers and at market competitive rates.


The three components of our online asset management system:

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Professional asset management generally requires several technology systems and are often not integrated with one another, creating difficulty for asset managers, owners and residents. Mascia Management’s MAC system is a web-based program suite that has all the asset management functions needed, under one umbrella. MAC allows us to use one system that intelligently integrates accounting, resident and property data, property management functions, communication, and reporting.


Detailed Features of MAC:

  1. MAC offers a central repository for property related documents that can easily be shared with restricted access. Documents like leases, service contracts, owner reports, tenant newsletters, and property rules and regulations can all be stored.
  2. MAC offers enterprise class security (the same type of security used by major financial institutions) for your property information, which means your data is safe and backed up daily so it is not lost. For more details see the Security Section.
  3. Through MAC we have automated the collections process from one secure online location. Email and wireless alerts keep our team abreast of upcoming lease expirations, lease options and rent increases in advance. We can even generate a lease agreement online.
  4. The resident ledger feature of MAC ensures that we collect what is owed from residents every month.
  5. MAC ensures that all necessary deductions are made to a resident's security deposit and that move-out calculations are performed properly.
  6. MAC has a late notice generator which will automatically email and mail a letter to the  resident who is behind reminding them to pay. This process reduces the collection loss in the assets we manage.
  7. Through MAC’s sophisticated communication tracking tool we are able to access emails, documents and communications between our residents and our management company. Tracking resident communications is helpful for historical reference and affords protection in case of a potential lawsuit. As an owner you can access resident communications through Owner’s Insight.
  8. MAC also contains a pricing module called Mascia Asset Pricing (MAP). This eliminates the human guesswork from the rent setting process. Applying market knowledge and business process discipline allows Mascia Management to optimize pricing and occupancy across all assets. By applying this technology to the rent-setting process, rental revenues can rise as much as 20%. For more information see the "Leasing Section".
Owner's Insight

Owner’s Insight is our owner information and analytics package provided under our MAC system. Owner’s Insight is a groundbreaking web-based system that maintains a permanent record of all building activities, provides easy access to all property related documents and allows you to get real-time asset performance information. We compile all the information on your building in one easy-to-use location that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. The main goal of Owner’s Insight is to maintain the highest level of transparency with our owners about Mascia Management’s asset management performance. In short, Owner’s Insight offers a "window" from which to monitor the asset management activities such as accounting, budgeting, resident communication, leasing, and much more.


Detailed Features of Owner’s Insight:

  1. Owner’s Insight gives you, the owner, the tools necessary to gauge the effectiveness of our management team. You will be able to see a history of all recorded payment by property, date, and payment type.
  2. Through Owner’s Insight you can track payment detail including information regarding recorded income, the user that created it, charges it was applied towards, and any discounts or adjustments. We can even track when and who deposited the payment in the bank.
  3. Owner’s Insight simplifies the job of tracking bills. All vendor information, bills, bill payments, conversation notes, and even scanned copies of documents are available to owners from one secure location.
  4. MAC’s online accounting module can be exported directly to Intuit’s QuickBooks via Owner’s Insight for easy use by your accountant and/or auditor.
  5. Owner’s Insight allows us to configure work order spending limits for your property. You can authorize small fixes while protecting against large expenditures without your input. We are also able to create work order estimates and then track actual expenses against these estimates.
  6. Owner’s Insight provides real time portfolio analytics and decision support by providing clear insight into property data utilizing charts and graphs. It also provides visibility into what is coming” through supply and demand forecasts which help manage pricing and planning. For more information on this click Reporting.
  7. Finally through Owner’s Insight, owners can receive online payments which allow for Mascia Management to process transactions faster than traditional check payment methods. That means you get your money faster. It is a more transparent transaction giving you clear insight into exactly where your money is going.
Resident Concierge

Resident Concierge is the resident service package available under our MAC system. Our Resident Concierge system provides online leasing capabilities to future residents, online rental payments and online service requests to current residents. Resident Concierge offers true 24x7 resident support through an online platform. Our system can improve occupancy, increase customer satisfaction, improve cash flow and reduce administration costs. Resident Concierge helps reduce operating costs and makes it easier for your residents to communicate and interact with us.


Detailed features of Resident Concierge:

  1. Industry research has proven that 72% of renters are turning to the Internet as a primary tool in their vacancy searches. Resident Concierge offers an online 24x7 leasing agent to maximize visibility with potential residents. Resident Concierge is designed to have up to the minute unit availability and pricing, leasing terms and options, credit and background screening, as well as payments and deposits. Additionally, each potential resident can view property details, maps, and floor plans of all properties for lease. This online system streamlines the leasing process and decreases the costs associated with leasing and resident screening. Resident Concierge enables renters to obtain applications online, and these are processed within 72 hours.
  2. With Resident Concierge, there is real-time submission and tracking of service requests with instant notification to both Mascia Management and the resident throughout the process. Resident Concierge allows residents to create service requests online, complete with permission to enter the unit and an automated email receipt which is converted to a work order. Owners can access this information via Owner’s Insight so you are completely up to date on any service issues reported by the resident, our response activity, and what the maintenance staff is currently doing to solve the problem.
  3. Electronic rent payment is a very important part of Resident Concierge. With this service, residents can pay their rent online with any major credit cards or with personal checks online via the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH). The costs associated with this service are able to be passed onto residents as a convenience charge. The goal of online payments is to simplify rent collections, reduce delinquency and bounced checks, and most of all enhance resident satisfaction. Online payments reduce the processing time needed for each transaction and is more transparent.
  4. Resident alerts are provided as part of the Resident Concierge suite of services. The alerts allow us to send immediate notifications to residents about emergencies and possible disruptions in service. It is also available for reminders of important dates such as lease renewals and other information.

Resident Concierge allows residents to view their account information at anytime. They can view account balances, payment history, track work orders, as well as receive news and notices regarding their property.

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