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At Mascia Management we have designed innovative strategies to ensure your vacancies are filled in the shortest time possible at the lowest possible out of pocket cost. For a quick description of our comprehensive leasing services that set us apart from others, see below:

  1.  Market analysis for pricing and product positioning. We begin the leasing process by preparing a comparable market analysis on your property. The goal is to make sure it is accurately positioned and priced, ensuring that it leases quickly at the highest rents.

  2.  Advertising. We employ our institutional approach by developing a positioning and branding plan from the market analysis, which will direct the preparation of marketing, advertising and promotional programs to appeal to the anticipated building occupants.  Our website offers your property unparalleled Internet exposure through our unique 24x7 online leasing which provides great exposure for your unit and ease of use for potential residents. Besides our website, we also give you access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and will be immediately distributed to the entire brokerage community through our strategic partners. We further employ a mix of print and Internet advertising.

  1. Market Analysis Through our property management system, Mascia Asset Control (MAC), we are able to offer a very sophisticated rental pricing module called MAP. MAP eliminates the human guesswork and brings a tremendous amount of discipline to the rent-setting process, enabling Mascia Management to optimize the pricing and occupancy of your unit. The MAP system bases rental rates on apartment market data for supply, demand, competitor prices, and unit characteristics, then statistically analyzes and sets rents daily. By applying this technology to the  rent setting process, the rental revenue may rise as much as 20% a year over competitors.

  2.  Resident Screening. At Mascia Management we think it is critical to identify potential problems before they arise. This is exactly why we spend a great deal of effort making sure that a prospective resident is thoroughly screened before they ever step foot in your unit. We have implemented a comprehensive resident screening process performed by an independent professional agency and includes: a credit check, employment verification, rental history, previous landlord phone interviews, a fraudsearch, and a criminal background check. Mascia Management’s innovative online application processing system processes all applications within 72 hours, getting residents into your unit faster.


In addition to our internal leasing services, we have also strategically aligned ourselves with some of the most active real estate leasing agents in NYC. Combining our strengths with those of the wider real estate community allows us to fill our apartments quickly, with the best possible residents, at the lowest possible cost to our owners.

For more information contact us today by calling 877-6MASCIA or click on Contact Us for more information.

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