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In addition to our services as an asset and property management company, Mascia Management has in-house capabilities in acquisitions, financing, and project/construction management. We are especially suited to working with out of town investors that seek market intelligence and need an advisor that can connect them with the professionals necessary to manage their acquisitions before, during, and after purchase, including property managers, attorneys, architects, construction project managers, marketing, leasing and disposition organizations, and many others. Real estate investment can be complicated, time consuming and confusing for those unfamiliar with the process, especially in the New York City market. Mascia Management offers its clients the expertise and resources needed to analyze and acquire their real estate assets.

Since Mascia Management is an asset manager, we understand the full real estate asset life cycle from acquisition to disposition. It is with this in mind that we have developed a set of additional services that may be of use to you whether you are considering purchasing a new property or selling an existing one. Mascia Management can help by providing:

  • Sourcing Investment Opportunities
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Acquisitions Advice
  • Financing
  • Project / Construction Management
  • Cash Flow Forecasting/Planning
  • Exit Strategy Planning


Sourcing Investment Opportunities

When it comes to sourcing potential properties for investments, it is important to approach this market from many angles in order to acquire the best properties at the best price. Therefore we combine several proven strategies when locating potential properties. Mascia Management capitalizes on our trusted relationships with local real estate brokers, local market contacts, unsolicited targeted offers, and word of mouth.


Market Analysis

We can provide market research, data collection, strategic planning, and a team to execute your analysis goals. Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned pro who needs someone that has their pulse on the industry, you can count on us to provide you with reliable insight. We are not an investment sales group so we are not paid on the sale or purchase of the transaction. This distinction gives you the confidence that the reports we give you will be as accurate as possible with only your best interests in mind. We value long term relationships with our clients. When your investment strategy succeeds, Mascia Management also succeeds by expanding our loyal customer base.



Financial Analysis

If you are considering purchasing an asset, we perform complete feasibility analyses involving property-specific criteria adjusted for market conditions. We offer a proprietary financial analysis model, or we can use your own model if you prefer. Our robust proprietary model is customizable to meet your needs and the needs of the analysis. Regardless of deal size, our key objectives are to analyze the property in a way that utilizes the best information, considers multiple sets of assumptions, and results in a thoughtfully conceived business recommendation. We can also review and analyze client’s existing financial models, identifying inaccuracies or potential deficiencies. We can help you design a true acquisition or develop a tool that can be used for additional acquisitions analysis. We have on-staff finance professionals to determine the underwriting practicability of any given deal.



We have established relationships with some of the most active debt and equity providers in the market. We can provide you assistance in obtaining financing for your property. For more details see our Financing page.



Acquisitions Advisory

Before you purchase the property, we can conduct a full due diligence study, testing the actual property data acquired against the assumptions made during our financial analysis phase. We can also assist with selecting and overseeing consultants needed during the acquisitions phase.



Project / Construction Management for Renovation

We have the in-house capabilities to provide the full range of project and construction management services. For additional details see our Project Management page.



Exit Strategy Planning

You should consider how and when you plan to sell your asset while you are exploring its purchase. When you work with Mascia Management, we will formulate an Asset Plan that includes performance goals for the property, including the exit plan. We do this at the start of your investment planning and we will help you achieve your investment goals set out in that Asset Plan. Once it is time to execute that Exit Strategy, Mascia Management performs a full assessment of the property incorporating value dynamics based on market conditions, repositioning, up zoning opportunities, financial structure enhancement, and other asset-specific considerations. We follow through by compiling a deal package that contains meaningful value--propositions drawn from our proprietary analysis tools. Our strong personal and working relationships within the investment community and our intimate knowledge that comes from working with some of the largest real estate investors and developers throughout the country enables us to execute a targeted marketing program among buyers. As part of the closing transactions, we evaluate the qualifications of buyers based on financial strength as well as operational and development experience to maximize the probability of a smooth closing.




  • Compliance with all local laws, building codes, and administrative codes
  • Resolving any and all fines that may arise from the Department of Buildings
  • Lease screening process and application processing. Applicant credit, employment, rental history, and criminal background checks
  • Obtain and optimization insurance and renewals
  • Screening vendors and contractors
  • Tax certiorari, abatement and assessment reduction processing
  • Evaluation and management of any legal matters

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